Bridging the gap between traditional finance and the blockchain space.

Mimo Capital AG is authorized to bring real-world assets, such as sovereign and corporate bonds, onto the blockchain via a process called tokenization, allowing for more transparency as each token is linked to a specific set of underlying assets held in custody.

A regulated entity

Mimo Capital AG is registered with the Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein as a trusted technology service provider and complies with AML/CTF regulations

Building a strong foundation
Commited to Transparency
Smart Contract Audit

Smart contract audited by security experts to ensure a high level of security. All identified vulnerabilities have been addressed

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Proof of Reserve

Monthly attestations of reserves performed by an independent third party which provides transparency on the backing of each NFT minted on-chain.

Proof of Reserve
Regulatory Standards

Controls and reporting are in place in order to comply with the high European regulatory standards. Prior to having on-chain tokens, one of the key pre-requisite is to have the underlying asset held in custody.

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Accessing tokenized RWA

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Composable NFTs

Each RWA is tokenized in the form of a NFT, following the widely established ERC721 standard. This allows each token to be unique and transferable. The metadata of each token specifies the underlying tied to it.

Multichain at its core

Our tokens can be deployed on multiple chains: Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom and many more to address multiple needs. They can be held on non-custodial wallets, so that token holders are in complete control.

AI Visualization

KUMA (Meaning bear in Japanese) NFTs are tied to unique, AI generated, visuals.

Ready to onboard? Start your KYC-KYB process now. We also provide OTC crypto-fiat services.